Try the magical sensation of ballooning on the fantastic Italian landscapes and Tuscan Chianti, Siena, San Gmignano and Florence. Let the world glide beneath you and float on Tuscany with us.

Balloon flights with balloons in Tuscany: a unique experience.

The flight experience begins with balloon ground inflation, a moment that reflects all the charm of the flight… that someone has defined as “the pilot’s Dance”. When everything is ready, it’s time to get in the balloon basket and maybe prepare your camera or gopro.

The flights last from 45 minutes to one hour and a half, during which you can take, thanks also to the sweet pace, splendid pictures of memorable Tuscan landscapes. You will also admire the typical red roofs of the cities and follow the runaway races of the animals in the fields. The first lights of dawn will create a magical frame effect to the scene that your eyes are witnessing. During the flight you can learn more about the territory and its history from the pilot’s tales.

Once landed, we will have breakfast together in the middle of the Chianti countryside with typical Tuscan products (included in the price!).



Known in the world for its wine, Chianti is a region characterized by its rolling hills, on which alternate with vineyards, forests and the typical villages of Tuscany. Number one choice of our passengers.

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As soon as it takes off in a balloon to one of the first things that you will see will be the famous Piazza del Campo, one of the Palio. And it will only be the beginning, all Siena and its landscapes await you…

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The medieval skyline of San Gimignano is a breathtaking spectacle from the ground and even more if seen from a basket of a hot air balloon.
Can’t miss it.

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Our balloon flights to Florence depart near the river Arno. Immediately after the city will reveal itself under your eyes, and the more you will continue the journey the more you will remain speechless.

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Flying with Balloon in Tuscany is a 5 stars experience!

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Hot Air Balloons for disabled people: you can do it with Balloon in Tuscany. We are the only one in Italy!


Our hot air balloons are the only ones in Italy with a balloon basket designed for disabled passengers, allowing people in a wheelchair to “get their wings” safely.

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Some pictures of our flights


  Read Before you book a flight

  • If the Pilot has to cancel due to wind and/or weather or technical reasons, your flight will be rescheduled to the next mutually convenient day. No flight, no charge.
  • If you cancel within one week, a cancellation charge of 25% of the total will be required-Your booking will be confirmed by submitting a credit card number as guarantee.
  • As safety is our highest priority, pregnant women and/or persons who have a medical condition which could be aggravated in the event of a hard landing, will not be able to fly.
  • You can pay by credit card or cash after flight.
  • If, at your scheduled time to fly, you are no-call, no-show, your credit card will charged in full.
 Passengers must telephone us the evening before the flight for final confirmation at the number (+39) 055 8077940 or email: for any information do not esitate to contact us. Phone/Fax: (+39) 055 8077940 Mobile: (+39) 335 6233934.

 A few tips you need to know to enjoy your hot-air balloon flight:

  • Do ensure you are fit to fly, for example you would not be able to fly with heart problems, back problems, if you were pregnant etc. Please check with your Doctor & flight operator if you are uncertain if you should fly in a balloon
  • Children are allowed to fly over 7 years of age, or with parents written release of liability
  • Do wear layers of clothes it is often quite cool in the early mornings in the Tuscan countryside
  • Do wear flat and comfortable shoes (waterproof shoes are best as grass is often damp in the early mornings) and we may land in the middle of a huge field..
  • The Pilot is in charge of the aircraft, please follow his instructions and do listen to the passenger briefing which includes safety information and your landing position requirements
  • Do make sure you are on time – the balloon cannot wait for you!
  • Do telephone the balloon passenger’s hot line (+39) 055 8077940
    or mobile (+39) 335 6233934 to get up to date information prior to your flight
  • Passengers must telephone us the evening before the flight for final confirmation
  • Do remember that about 80% of all balloon flights end up with the basket lying on it’s side – this is perfectly normal
  • Do take a camera
  • Do remember that ballooning is proven to be the safest form of aviation and…

Have a great flight!

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